The Hole In One Vilamoura

THE HOLE IN ONE VILAMOURA is without doubt the best sports bar in Vilamoura, The Algarve and Portugal showing all major sports and events. The Hole in One is the home of sports here in Vilamoura.

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Vilamoura Top Sports Bar - The Hole In One


The Hole In One on Vilamoura marina is by far the best Sports bar and Karaoke bar in Vilamoura at the heart of the Algarve region of Portugal. It is also the Karaoke King of Vilamoura. Located perfectly in Vilamoura marina with a cool air-conditioned bar area and a sunny deck overlooking the marina the Hole in One has built a reputation for two things;

Vilamoura has a busy seasonal nightlife and offers a host of options for entertainment but when traveling or on holiday here Sports and Karaoke are always king as can be seen on a busy Saturday afternoon where the Hole in One can comfortably show 6 or 7 premiership football games at the same time, one thing that makes the Hole in One the top venues to cheer on your team. 

As a sports bar in Vilamoura the Hole In One proudly shows all premiership football, international football, six nations rugby, world cup football and rugby along with golf and pretty much any other sport that your heart desires.  If the game that you want to watch isn't on the board just ask one of the friendly staff and I am sure they will be able to find it for you.